Dear Friends,

Prolific Cooking is an effort to share recipes along with lot of other eating habits and tips keeping in mind not only the taste but also the nutritional needs of entire family. In short, Eat healthy…Stay Happy is the motto if this blog…

What will Prolific Cooking have for you?

  • Recipes with a healthy twist
  • Nutrition information about various recipes
  • Tips to inculcate healthy eating habits
  • Recipies targeting various age-groups: babies, toddlers, teens, youth, 35+,60+ etc

I love cooking specially, Indian Muglai, Rajesthani, Punjabi food…but what is really close to my heart is fast track cooking and snacks. One of the challenges I am taking through this blog is to take up a lot of 30 mins cooking. In the process, I may come up with a completely new recipe or twist an existing one while I try to maintain the nutritive value and taste of the dish. I would call this “Working Women’s Recipe Box”  since I found these kind of recipes very handy when I had to leave for office at 8:30 Am and prepare 2 meals in an hour’s time.

Why this Blog,

Know what you eat and know what you cook . Food being one of the most important components of a healthy body, it becomes extremely important that we give enough thought to what we are eating and if we are a home maker then it becomes even more important to understand what we are cooking and serving day in and day out to our family.

Cooking is not only my hobby but with time has become my passion !! For me it is the biggest stress buster. In this mode of multi tasking, I feel so satisfied, if I serve a healthy, tasty and easy to cook meal to my family and it is this punch which I get by doing so that has filled me with the zeal to share these recipes/habits/tips and what not !!

About Me,

I am a Punjabi and my husband (Manish) is from Rajasthan. The two neighboring Indian states are not so different in their cooking styles but yes they do have their own distinct flavors and exquisite collection of dishes. Like any other girl, I have learnt cooking from my mom and enhanced it after getting married under my Mom in law’s guidance. Both of them are fantabulous cooks !!!

I am a software engineer by qualification and working part time as a quality consultant in a software company. My hubby is a big foodie and my inspiration behind this blog. The pictures you would see on this blog are taken by me and I am a no bee in photography. Whatever I am trying to capture is what I am trying to learn from my hubby.For years, he has been after me and telling me that he knows that this is what I enjoy the most then why not take it to another level …..

The idea of specifically starting a blog was seeded by my sister-in-law Rashmie who believes in unconventional and creative living and is an avid blogger (writes about a lot of subjects and primarily about creative parenting @ Mommy-labs.com).

Its a win win situation, Cooking is fun for me …and eating tasty and healthy is double fun for my family (smiles)!!!

So here I go and begin this endeavour …. I  request my readers to share their comments and improvement areas by writing back to me at srishti(dot)nangia(at)gmail(dot)com so that I can add more value to this blog….


Never ask, “What reason do I have to be happy?”  Instead ask, “To what purpose can I attach my happiness?”  ~Robert Brault