Try out these great cooking tips today

Try out these great cooking tips today

Cooking is an art that not every can master. However, we all cook on regular basis. Even though it might be a time consuming task, most people enjoy cooking food. The enjoyment amplifies if the results are fruitful.

However, there are some useful tips that can be used in the kitchen every day. Such tips make the fundamental tasks easier and helps to achieve optimal results. It enhances the effectiveness of every ingredient being used. Here are some great cooking tips that every chef must be using from now onwards.

Turning pan into a nonstick surface

Turning pan into a nonstick surface
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This is an obvious tip that most chef tends to follow. Many people heat up the stove after putting oil into the pans. It is recommendable to add oil into the stove after heating the pan to medium. Once the oil has been heated, add whatever food you want to fry to hot oil. One of the reasons behind food sticking to the surface is a great difference between the temperatures. Consider this tip to turn pan into a nonstick surface for better results.

Using extra oil

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Extra virgin oil is used by many chefs for high heat frying. However, virgin oil is an expensive option in most countries compared to using pure olive oil. Using extra virgin olive oil means destroying the fruit flavor. Sometimes the sugar in the fruits are burnt and a bitter taste is created. On the other hand, pure olive oil provides the same benefits and is better for high-heat cooking.

Pair fatty things with crunchy stuff

Most chefs compliment fatty things with fresh, bright and crunchy stuff. For instance, a cornucopia of meats and potatoes are usually offered along with cabbage salad to make the combination more interesting. Different textures of protein can be tried as well along with different sauces and seasonings. It is imperative to maintain a balance on the plate and pair different items together in order to make it appear innovative and taste delicious.

Bring the plate together with a third thing

In order to make your food give a fancier feel, consider adding a third thing. Something like scrambled eggs, bacon or mashed potatoes can be used bring the plate together. This concept is used widely by all the popular chefs all around the world. It bridges the gap between primary and secondary item placed on the plate. For instance a chutney would be ideal to connect quail and goat on the plate.

Slicing and chopping garlic

Garlic plays an important role in the field of cooking. Preparation of garlic counts a lot when it comes to cooking a number of things. However, in order to make the most out of benefits of garlic, garlic cloves must be chopped or crushed.

The bottom line

There is a lot about cooking that chefs need to learn. Even if you are not a professional cook, learning several tips might help you to make the best meal of your life.

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