Converting My Own Muffin Recipe To A Cake Recipe (for the very special person in my life)

Converting My Own Muffin Recipe To A Cake Recipe (for the very special person in my life)

It was Manish’s birthday on 25th of January. Those of you who stay in Delhi must be aware that birthdays can get really boring in this chilling weather of Delhi. This year I wanted to make it exciting for my dear hubby and thankfully his birthday was on a saturday that made it even more helpful to plan a good happy surprise with friends and family.

The exciting part was to keep it a surprise for him. Me and my mom-in-law cooked almost everything at home, except for the deserts (sis-in-law cooked some yummy Carrot halwa at home to help out), and still managed to keep it a surprise. It was so heart warming to see those expressions on Manish’s face when he saw Sharmila and Sanju on the door. He still could not make out that it was all planned and as friends and family kept pouring in, slowly he realized that it was all planned and he was the only one who was not aware of this. Thanks to our loving friends and family because of whom this party could happen!

For the cake, I wanted to bake something that is healthy and not the usual creamy birthday cakes.I knew that Manish is really fond of the muffins I baked sometime back and thought of converting that to a cake. I was scared because it was the birthday cake and if it didn’t turn out well, I had no time to bake another one but still tried my luck.

I kept the ingredients the same and just added 10 mins to the baking time. (Refer my Choco Orange Muffin Recipe to get rest of the details).Yes, the cake turned out well and my hubby who was with me when I was baking the cake could not resist eating it. He told me that it is his birthday and he wants to have the cake right now! This is reason, you will notice a broken piece from the cake before the cake was cut on the birthday :).

My sweet heart Sarah enjoyed eating the cake but more than that was excited to have all the stars and flowers I used for some simple decoration on the cake! Love you my family and friends for making our special days even more special…

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